My name is Bihter, I’m a seeker and I’m happy to have discovered my body as an instrument to look into “truth”. I believe that the discovery of the body is a life long experiment. Exchanging knowledge for me is an experience of expansion, enables us to learn from each other, grow together and support each other in this path.

Yoga is about observation and discovery of the body. It’s about witnessing what is here and now… What is present at the moment and bringing awareness to the changing sensations with each movement. Once one gets closer to the body, it’s inevitable to get closer to the self.  Yoga is a tool for discovery and the body is a medium for this journey.

Besides my Hatha Yoga training within the Advaita school and mindfulness; my interest in Sufism and Buddhism as life philosophies and axis syllabus and bio-mechanics as tool kits to understand the body, shape my yoga teaching.

I offer hatha yoga classes in English in Berlin. Please check upcoming classes section to see the program, locations and fees.

I organise Sufi meetings with a few friends where I show technics to whirl sustainably and explore the world of dervishes all together with original live Sufi music made by musicians around the world. I’m also exploring the world of music myself with my read flute, mouth harp, frame drum and ukulele.

May we all enjoy each moment of movement… May we all indulge into the stillness of the moment and get intimate with the self…


Yoga teacher trainings

2012 – Hatha Yoga Teacher Training-200h with Zeynep Aksoy Yoga Alliance

2013 – Advanced Teacher Training-150h with Zeynep Celen Yoga Alliance

2014 – Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training-100h with David Cornwell Yoga Alliance

2014 – Yoga Kids Foundations-50h  Yoga Kids International

2018 – Axis Syllabus, Embodied Anatomy-15h with Diana Thielen

2019 – Poetry of Body and Mind-50h with Tatjana Mesar Yoga Alliance

2019 – Continuing training with Axis Syllabus Community