Hello dears,

Since the beginning of this year the whole world has been shaking. Maybe the pandemic has reached some of our lives already, and definitely indirectly effected us all… My yoga business had just started working when all that started. Suddenly, I was zero again. Government funds, some online trial and errors, the summer passed like that… And then another lockdown… How are you all doing? 

I have finished another yoga teacher training in the meanwhile which is mindfulness based and rooted in school of Advaita. “Dvaita” in Sanskrit means duality, “a” gives the opposite meaning, so it means non-duality. I feel close to Advaita, also because of my studies on Sufism which speaks a lot about it as well… 

In the meanwhile I’ve also started mindfulness coaching training that carried my meditation practice to another level. After 10 years of on and off meditation practice, I’ve been meditating every single day for an hour since the beginning of this year.To put in a nutshell, I’ve benefited from my latest self practices and trainings so much that now I feel like it’s time to share it with you. Therefore I’ve decided to offer online meditation classes every other day in the evening starting on 1st of December. When needed, I’d do the sessions bilingual (Eng-Tr) 

I’ve grown interest in gift economy as Charles Eisenstein describes it, and I want to activate this style of exchange as much as possible in my life, also to inspire you maybe, that another world is possible… So basically these meditation meetings will be for free, and there will be space for contributing to the time and energy invested into making it possible. I don’t call it donation, and I don’t name numbers for sliding scale, feel free to just join or contribute as much as you think it’s worth or bring in new ideas I’m open for skill exchange as well. 

The first meeting will be on 1st of December at 8pm CET, and it will continue at the same time every second day. 

The link to join: https://meet.jit.si/bihteryoga

You can either download the jitsi app, or simply click the link to join. If you want to contribute ask for the bank details!

-If you think anybody would benefit from these sessions please don’t hesitate to forward this post to them.

Contact for any questions!

Looking forward to coming together and walking this path with you. 

With love,