Kids Yoga

I offer kids yoga in English for your child to develop a healthier and a peaceful life.


Yoga Kids theory was started by Marsha Wenig referring to Waldorf and Montessori theories in the beginning of 1990’s in the USA. It’s main idea is to blend traditional yoga teachings with imaginary and playful approaches and multiple learning systems. Yoga Kids theory is not only a tool for body and self-realization but also a learning medium for children. It aims to improve children’s verbal, spatial awareness and artistic abilities and lead them to connect with the world around them. Yet, the body is being presented as the major component.


  • It improves the creativity mutually between the teacher and the child.
  • The tie constructed between the teacher and the child improves mutual understanding, thus this helps them to understand the existence on an experiential level.
  • Children learn to interact, to share and cooperate with their peers in an uncompetitive environment.
  • Improves learning, creating and succeeding beliefs of the child and improves self-confidence.
  • It helps the child to experience life through his/her own creativity.
  • Children already know to be present in the moment, however daily issues in life make them forget this knowledge in time. Practice of yoga allows them to preserve that knowledge.
  • Strengthens the spine and provides a healthy body, thereby their nervous system, immune system and digestive system get stronger and the quality of daily life improves.
  • Provides a peaceful mind, a healthy body and a creative psyche.


Adults mostly forget staying centred in their daily routine, this effects their quality of life, thereby effects already limited time they have with their children at home. Practicing yoga and having body and breath awareness would benefit parents both in their daily routine and interaction with their children. By discovering their own bodies, parents would have chance to spend more quality time with their children. Further yoga practice provides parents a creative and playful medium in which they can use the body as a tool. As a result, parents can have a healthier relationship with their children and opportunity to develop a creative and playful learning environment for their children.


Yoga means “to join” in Sanskrit language. Yoga considers body and mind as a whole. It’s a thousand years old teaching which states that creating harmony between body and mind helps people to remain a healthy life both physically and mentally. For last 100- 150 years yoga is discovered by western world and had a strong role in western self and body awareness practices.


Meditation is a practice which slows down the mind, purifies the mind from complicated thoughts, relaxes the mind and brings stillness to the mind. Regular meditation practice improves the balance between body and mind and leads the person to a peaceful mind. It improves the cognitive and emotive areas on the forebrain.