Notes from a rebirthing session…

I fear. It`s cold and vast outside. I cannot handle being alive. I cannot be alive. I don`t belong here. Oh, I fear! I don`t want to open my eyes to the world. I feel so much anger for being alive. I feel so much anger for the badness in the world. Though I thought I loved life, I loved being here. Where are all these feelings coming from? Fear, anger and hatred… I try to be a good person, what is this now? What are all these negative feelings I´m carrying or I´ve been hiding away from… Why do I have this anger? Why do I hate these people around? Oh, I fear! My heart is beating fast, I feel cold, but sweating… Feels like I´m dying… Feels like I´m getting lost in existence. Feels like I´m nothing… I surrender… My breath takes me away… I surrender… I surrender to the wisdom of the body. Oh my heart! My heart is expending… My heart embraces the whole existence. I´m feeling one with my mother. Oh my heart! I am my mother! Oh! I´m all… I´m the whole existence! I´m one with my mother and I´m one with the whole existence, therefore I´m detached… I feel detached, but connected with the whole existence. Understanding, relief, joy and love take place… I understand what pain means… I understand the badness in the world. I understand that we all have pain, I understand that we all suffer… Then I embrace the badness… Then I embrace fear… Then I embrace anger… Then I embrace hatred… I do embrace existence… I do enjoy life… I do love!

This is not a mystical experience… Rebirthing is another self realisation practice that mainly focuses on certain breathing technics. There is enough information in the internet about how breathing technics can change the nervous system, so ones who are seeking for more information can make their own research about it. I could never separate spirituality from rational ideas, because what I understand of spiritual practices is that they awaken the potential in our bodies. I very much perceive yoga, meditation and other body awareness practices as practical solutions for problems of modern life, which sounds very rational to me. I believe this is why yoga is becoming popular and almost mainstream. They did know in the past how to deal with difficulties in life, this is why we are going back to these thousands years old teachings to understand. The brain has a tendency to separate things… Unfortunately the whole system surrounding us has evolved in way of separating things, but everything is actually interconnected. This is why we are doing yoga, this is why we are meditating, this is why we are following self realisation practices, this is why we are doing body awareness practices… As closer we get to ourselves, we get closer to understanding the wholeness and get closer to seeing the big picture.

With this understanding, I wish to share/exchange my experiences with English speaking people living in Berlin. For sure native German speakers are also welcomed, since they are mostly bilingual. I offer hatha yoga in English in Berlin two Sundays per month. Soon I´ll be organising more yoga classes in English and also meditation classes in English in Berlin. You can get more information about the upcoming classes here.

*Thanks to my friend Isabel for the rebirthing session she offered to me…

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